Google’s New Algorithm Takes Aim on Content Farms

March 1st, 2011 at 5:11 am

Google has updated its algorithm last week, aiming to demote what they call “lousy and useless” websites, most of which are content farms such as Associated Content and Demand Media. These sites always managed to float on top of search results on a variety of keywords.

The effect of the update seems to become visible this week, with sites such as (pictured),, and falling down the search results rankings and losing up to 94 percent of its traffic.

While Demand Media is not included in the 25 biggest losers as compiled by search optimization company Sistrix’s Visibility Index, the site still took blows with the tumbling down of sites like and, both heavy with DM content.

Google also takes a swipe on rival Yahoo!, which runs Associated Content. The site is ranked #6 in the Sistrix loser list.

The Sistrix Visibility Index is calculated using traffic on keywords, rankings, and click-through rates on specific positions.

“We generally don’t comment or speculate on changes by major search engines,” Larry Fitzgibbon, Demand Media’s EVP of Media and Operations, posted in their official blog. “They make changes nearly daily in a quest to give consumers the best possible experience, as do we.”

For the average Google user, the algorithm update simply means that you would begin to see fewer search results that include links to content farms, which are almost bordering on spam, and more links to what Google considers as “high-quality” sites.

Source: MSNBC


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