SocialEyes Brings Video Chatting to Facebook

March 1st, 2011 at 6:16 am

A new Facebook app launches today, aiming to bring video conferencing functions to the popular social networking site. SocialEyes, which is developed by RealNetworks, incorporates live video chat to Facebook.

The app enables chatters to talk about their daily lives, work on business together, record video messages, play instruments remotely among others.

The 10-person, San Francisco-based start-up has able to raise US$5 million in funding, mostly from venture capitalists.

The free video service can handle a conference of three to six people at the same time, although the company claims the app can accommodate up to nine users, even from Facebook members who are not in your friends list.

RealNetworks has also announced that its SocialEyes will soon be available as an iPad app, that is, if Apple will unveil an iPad with a front camera.

Source: USA Today


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