Netflix Ventures Into Acquiring Original Content

March 17th, 2011 at 10:42 am

It seems that the effect of Netflix over the future of home entertainment is slowly gaining some ground. News reports say that the leader in on-demand video streaming over the Internet is beginning to stake its claim over a rapidly evolving market in home entertainment. From providing video streaming of TV shows and movies on demand over the Internet, Netflix might be on its way to offer original content for its customers.

Reports say that Netflix has won the bid to the rights for the American adaptation of 1990 British miniseries House of Cards. This may be significant considering that Netflix won the bidding against other established companies like HBO and AMC. It was reported that Netflix forked around $100 million for the right to get the show and even ordered up to two seasons worth of shows. But there are also reports that the Netflix offer might be lower than that.

But just the same, it may be reason enough for other companies engaged in video and movie distribution to finally take notice of Netflix, not that they don’t already. It is growing into a company that may someday take over the home entertainment market. Obtaining original content may just be the first step into is further growth into becoming an entertainment behemoth. After all, Netflix is showing that it has the means and the machinery to do so.


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