Yahoo Introduces Search Direct, Its New Search Box Of Awesome

March 24th, 2011 at 12:38 pm

Yahoo has recently been experiencing a gradual decrease of its search customers, partially because of its diminishing focus on online search, giving the reins to Microsoft Bing in a partnership to run its dwindling Yahoo search engine. But this does not necessarily mean that Yahoo has already given up on online search entirely. In fact, it is still developing new ways to assist online users get better search results. One of their newest upgrades on their available search product is the new Yahoo Search Direct.

The new Yahoo Search Direct, or what the people at Yahoo fondly call the “Search Box of Awesome“, aims to provide online users with real-time search results. The primary aim of Yahoo Search Direct, according to the Yahoo Search blog post, is to provide the fastest way to find answers to queries and not just links. Current search engines still provide search results as a list of blue links that people still need to sift through in order to get the answers to their queries. Yahoo Search Direct will be focusing on providing direct answers and not just depend on the results page containing links. The new search feature will have the ability to detect queries that are related to entertainment, local information as well as trending news topics.

According to a statement made by Shashi Seth, Yahoo senior vice president of search and marketplaces, “With today’s launch, direct answers – not the search results page – is the primary focus. We are redefining the search process and prominently displaying direct answers where search decisions are being made.”

“Search Direct is evidence of Yahoo! continuing to lead innovation in search, enabling people to take action faster, find what is most important, and sample what is possible with the next stage of search technology,” Seth further added.

The new Yahoo Search Direct is now visible on the Yahoo Search page and is still on its beta stage. It will also be made available in the other Yahoo pages that contain online search boxes in the coming months.

Yahoo’s search market has continued to remain flat while that of Microsoft’s Bing Search has been going up ever so slightly in the last few months. Through this new feature, Yahoo may be aiming to regain what it may have lost in the search market. But they surely waited a bit too long in order to realize that. Since they have taken credit of developing a similar search technology that today’s “Google Instant” may be using several years ago, this means that the technology may not be an entirely new development for them.

It took another search engine to come up with a similar product in order for Yahoo to come up with their own version years later, which is today. It would have been an innovation that would have changed Yahoo’s fortunes in some way, only if they took on the opportunity and saw its potential way earlier. They would surely be enjoying improving numbers in the search market instead of their current online search market share going flat.


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