Amazon In Talks To Launch Media Locker Service

March 28th, 2011 at 12:10 pm

Amazon has been slowly growing into a multi-media company in itself. With the business starting out in ordering books online has slowly become a hub where almost all products can be ordered online. It has also been quite successful in developing its own e-book business with its popular Kindle e-book reader. But the online company may not just be stopping there. It is now in talks with other entertainment companies in developing a film and music locker service for its customers.

Amazon is now meeting up with several major record companies and film studio outfits with its plans of creating a digital locker cloud service where online users may be able to store songs, music, books and content not even purchased on Amazon on the company’s servers. Amazon is talking with the other major entertainment companies since it may need the licenses needed to offer the said service online.

Amazon has not been entirely a newbie when it comes to offering cloud services to online users. It has, after all provided office application services on the cloud for those who might be interested in such a service. It also has allowed Kindle users to store the purchased e-books on a digital locker. Amazon’s Instant video also allows its customers to purchase movies and TV shows online and then get access for them anytime from the Amazon site.

But this time Amazon may be in a case of trying to play catch up with the other major players in the industry like Google and Apple who are coming up with their own cloud media locker services. Apple may be already introducing its own music locker for Apple devices while Google is on the way of testing a cloud music locker service which provides users with the ability to store songs on the cloud and then access it from any type of device that is connected to the Web. This type of service is expected to become popular with online users since it may offer the option of freeing up valuable hard drive space and storing files and content on the cloud instead for more convenient access.


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