Nokia Rebrands with New Typeface

March 29th, 2011 at 8:35 am

As part of Nokia‘s marketing makeover, the company known for making Symbian-based cell phones has introduced a new font for their mobile and digital environments. The Nokia Pure (pictured) replaces the Nokia Sans as the typeface the company would use for advertisements, product manuals, packages, and even within the phones themselves beginning this year.

According to Nokia’s official blog, the Pure was created for on-screen legibility and small size. The new font would make good use of the pin-sharp color screens found in modern smartphones.

The new font would come in light, regular, and bold weights. It is based on the concept of a seamless and fluid motion, comprising of rounded letters without serifs that “flow into each other,” thus creating an impression of forward movement. It was developed by a partnership of Nokia and London-based typographic designer Bruno Maag.

Source: Nokia Conversations, via CNET


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