Google Unveils Its “+1” Social Strategy

April 4th, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Google may be somehow the leader when it comes to online search. But it lags behind the current leader Facebook in the lack for an effective social strategy. Since most of the online users are going into social networks in droves, Google may be placed at a certain disadvantage for not having any effective social strategy to build upon and become relevant in this rapidly growing sector of the online world. Furthermore, the social network giant may be posing a challenge to Google in that it is also on the way to developing its own search engine, probably based on its own wide reaching social network. And in this case, Google is fast trying to come up with viable social strategy in order to somehow keep up within reach of its closest competitors, both real and supposed.

Google may recently be on its way to take advantage of its lead in online search and then developing a social strategy as well which may someday be also included as a feature in its search results. The online search giant recently introduced what it calls +1. This feature is being compared to the “Like” button on Facebook. The +1 actually may follow a similar concept but with a different function.

In the coming weeks or days, the +1 will be included in Google’s own search result pages. But for now, it may be available for a limited number of test subjects. It can provide online users with a means to show Google as well as other users what they seem to like on a search page, be it on the search results or on the search ads. When online users see something on the search results that they like, they can click the +1 button.

What Google aims for this new social feature on its search page is that the +1 button may serve as a possible social recommendation tool that Google can use to determine what users like and, consequentially, don’t like. Google is eyeing a possible addition of the +1 to its search algorithm if it does serve its intent as expected. It does provide a social feature to search that online users may find useful in one way or another.


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