Google Preparing Chrome OS Tablet Version?

April 8th, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Google has been taking its focus into other things other than just online search. It has spread into providing the Android OS to smartphones and tablets which has since captured an incredible market share that it may someday take advantage in further improving its bottom line. And Google may still be on the way of trying to develop other technologies right up in the same alley. There are reports spreading that Google may already be on the way of developing its new Google Chrome OS for use in tablets.

But wait, there seems to be some sort of confusion here? Doesn’t it mean that there will be another OS from Google that will be used on tablets other than the popular Android? Well, reports seem to determine that Google really is preparing the tablet version of Google Chrome OS. But why and how did this happen?

Well, if you remember a year or two ago, Google has introduced the Chrome OS that will be used in netbooks. Its first incarnation may be seen on the test laptop that Google released called the Cr-48. But then, the development may have been limited from there.

While the Chrome OS was targeted for netbooks, the Android OS was primarily targeted for smartphones.

While the Android OS may have risen from obscurity as many smartphone manufacturers started to adopt it as their OS of choice for their mobile phones, the Chrome OS may have been left to evolve in relative peace and quiet. And during that time, the tablet PC’s have risen to overtake the popularity of netbooks in the market, thanks to the Apple iPad tablet. This new development may have spurred Google to shift its focus into developing the evolving Chrome OS for tablet use rather than netbooks. And hence, we get the news reports of the Chrome OS being prepared for tablets.

While all these may remain as speculations for now for lack of word on the matter from Google, it does provide some things that may or may not work out for the tech giant in the future? With Android OS currently being used for some tablets, won’t having a Chrome OS version tablet cause some confusion for users? Won’t the two tablet OS versions from the same company be competing against each other for attention from consumers? Will it strengthen or weaken Google’s position in the tablet market, having consumers consider between to OS versions? These are questions that may not yet have clear cut answers yet. Google may already be trying to tackle such issues along with their plans. But are they really?


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