Apple Still Reigns Over Tablet Market In A Virtual Monopoly

April 11th, 2011 at 12:23 pm

No matter what people may say about Apple, one thing is certain- it performs quite well in selling its products. The strong point about Apple is that it seems to know the consumers quite well, more than other companies may even know. With this knowledge, they seem to have that edge in trying to market their iDevices and other products, pretty much like how well it popularized the tablet PC market.

With the iPad, Apple was the first tech company to ever establish the iPad market into the consumer conscience. Although there were other tablet PC’s prior to the iPad, it wasn’t until the Apple tablet came out that the market became a main consumer market instead of just a niche market for smaller players. It took Apple to capture the consumer’s imaginations on the tablet PC and drum up the demand for such a device. And then the rest is history.

Well, it has been about a year since the iPad was first introduced in the market. It would have been already time for some major device makers to be coming up with their own tablet models for the market. After all, the Apple iPad really does need a worthy challenger and competitor to make the market even more exciting. But the fact of the matter is that there seems to be a lack of worthy competitor for the iPad.

Of course, there are companies like Motorola, HP, Dell, Samsung and many others that have introduced their own tablet PC version in the market. But unfortunately, not a lot of them have yet entered the market officially. The other tablets that may already have may either be not on the same level as the Apple iPad specs wise or they are just quite too expensive than the current tablet leader. These conditions do not a good competitor make. And while others are just scrambling to come up with their first tablet device, Apple is already underway into making the iPad 2 available in the market. Although the iPad 2 still seems like a rare device in the market, it may be Apple’s way to further drive up the demand for its new product. As the demand grows for the new iPad 2, it becomes more and more difficult for the newer tablet makers to catch up.

Even after a year, Apple still holds a virtual monopoly of the tablet market. Their lead is something that even the most competent challenger in the market currently may have a hard time catching up to. But then again, now may be the best time to put up a challenge, even to just become a distant second for the meantime. The just as in any market, the conditions might become quite unpredictable. Who can really know for how long Apple will hold on to the top spot in the tablet market? Certainly, it might not be this year. But if ever that time comes, Apple will already be enjoying huge profits of its success in the tablet market.


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