Facebook Battles Against Ad.ly

April 12th, 2011 at 1:43 am

Facebook begins clamping down on web-based services that lets users post sponsored updates to their Facebook pages such as Ad.ly and Crowdrally. The popular social networking site is up against the two companies because they are monetizing Facebook Page feeds, which Facebook presumably would prefer to do itself.

Ad.ly has posted an update to its official blog, stating that it will “no longer offer celebrity endorsements on Facebook” as requested. However, it seems that the two parties are contradicting each other.

Facebook has released a statement saying that Ad.ly has violated its Terms of Service many times, even attempting to circumvent the rules, and that it has been “told many times” to stop.

Meanwhile, Ad.ly founder Sean Rad admits that the company created a single fake user profile, a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service. However, Rad says that they had to create the fake profile to regularly post updates to its celebrity clients’ Facebook Pages. The problem is that it sometimes runs into trouble with Facebook’s API.

To fix it, Ad.ly told their celebrity clients to make its fake user profile as one of the clients’ Facebook Page administrators, so that the celebrities do not have to deal with the constant re-authentication process. Rad adds that using a fake account is necessary because the Ad.ly does not want to have personal accounts of employees associated with the celebrity Pages. Also, the account is merely managing the client Pages, not actually posting updates to fans.

However, Rad contradicts Facebook’s allegation that they were told repeatedly about the violations, claiming that they were only informed once, which was when Ad.ly received a Cease and Desist order.

Facebook, meanwhile, has declined to comment about any of Ad.ly’s other violations.

Source: TechCrunch


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