Google Finally Retiring Google Video

April 18th, 2011 at 12:01 pm

It may have probably taken Google quite some time, but it has now decided to get rid of Google Video. For the most part, people may have forgotten all about it, thanks to the wild popularity of YouTube, its erstwhile competitor. This was before Google acquired YouTube.

Just to show how insignificant Google Video may have been, Google never bothered announcing the eventual closure of Google Video. Instead, Google recently sent an email to those who may still have an account and uploaded videos on Google Video. The email stated that Google Video will no longer be available for playback on April 29, 2011 and will be removing the hosted content it still had. It also instructed Google Video users to re-upload the video content on YouTube instead to avoid from totally losing them. The download option will be available until May 13, 2011 after which, the downloaded content on the website will be no more.

Google Video was once aimed to challenge YouTube in the online world for trying to get a chunk of the online video streaming audience. But it failed quite miserably in doing so. Eventually, Google bought and acquired YouTube, which seems to be the easiest route to lording over the online video streaming market. The acquisition made Google Video seem redundant in the process, with the focus now given to YouTube instead with its already established audience. This led to Google Video being put on the side and eventually, into oblivion.

Google Video already stopped offering video uploading on the site since May of 2009. It’s even a wonder why it took Google around 2 more years to finally put a lid on the said project. Those two years already have made people forget about Google Video, not that it was that popular then. This may just be one of those cases where a good and popular name will not necessarily make a good and popular site. Chalk it up to one of Google’s failures this time. After all, even big companies have their own share of failed ventures now and then.


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