Amazon Web Services Outage: A Setback for Cloud Computing?

April 25th, 2011 at 11:55 am

Cloud computing has been touted as the next big thing in tech. Many experts view a world of computing where applications and tools are all found and sourced from the “cloud” and not from one’s PC. Cloud computing has, in fact, already been up and running with the likes of Amazon Web Services that offer several Web-based IT infrastructure for businesses. It does provide a promising alternative for some businesses. But a recent outage with the AWS may also highlight one of the many disadvantages of cloud computing at its early stages.

A recent outage of Amazon Web Services was felt greatly by many websites that depended on the said cloud computing service platform. Latency issues from one of Amazon’s data centers located in northern Virginia caused a number of websites that depended on Amazon’s cloud for its Web services to go offline or experience some downtime issues. It included some of the more popular sites such as Reddit, Hootsuite, Foursquare, and many others. Although some of the sites have already recovered, there are still many others that remain offline as Amazon tries to remedy and resolve the situation.

Although the recent AWS outage may require more technical knowledge for most people to understand, the scope of its after effects however are easier to see. The recent AWS outage may highlight just how some businesses may be affected when they put their websites largely dependent on the cloud. It may be quite understandable at this early stage where cloud computing as a new platform is still making baby steps. There should be some issues along the way. The recent AWS outage just shows the extent of how some some cloud-dependent businesses may be affected.

It may be a good thing that not that many major online sites has embraced cloud computing and such services wholly as yet. If it did, then what happened to AWS may have had far greater consequences when it comes to the credibility of cloud computing in general in the eyes of the people. Imagine if Facebook depended on such a service platform and suddenly went offline for several days. Can you just imagine the outrage and the flak that Amazon Web Services may have gotten, along with cloud computing in general?

Whether it is a setback or some other thing, there is still a large room for improvement for companies like Amazon Web Services that offer various important business related services on the cloud. It may be something that businesses and companies deciding on whether to “enter the cloud” need to think about.


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