Facebook Tests New Social Buying Program

April 27th, 2011 at 11:56 am

Social buying sites have become quite popular nowadays. Social network giant Facebook may have noticed this and sees it as a wonderful feature to add into its social network site. After all, it may be an opportunity for Facebook to also cash in on its huge network of users.

Facebook is now testing its Facebook Deals, a new feature for the site that was first revealed last March. This feature will allow Facebook members to see various local deals that they may be interested to buy or share with friends. The said testing phase will involve Facebook users in Austin, Atlanta, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco. Offerings on Facebook Deals will be provided for users in the said cities through e-mail and notifications. The offers can then be further checked by clicking on the Deals tab that will be provided on the Facebook home page. Users will be notified through News Feed if their friends either liked a specific deal or even bought one.

Facebook developed the new feature in partnership with other online deals sites such as aDealio, Opentable, Gilt City, Home Run, KGB Deals, Tippr, PopSugar City, Plum District, ReachLocal, ViaGoGo, and Zozi. Considering that Facebook has currently over half a billion members, this might be a good opportunity for such deals to be offered in such a wide market network.

Considering that offering deals online has become quite popular, Facebook may just be able to add another promising revenue stream for its site. With Facebook’s huge network and with more and more businesses considering online deal offers as an alternative means to advertise online, this new venture might just have success written all over it. But then, stranger things have happened before. No one can ever be totally sure if Facebook Deals would truly work out quite successfully until more Facebook users can really try it out for real. That is why Facebook may be trying Facebook Deals out slow and only from 5 test cities for the meantime. If it does prove successful, then other cities may be added along the way.


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