Twitter Buying TweetDeck?

May 25th, 2011 at 12:12 pm

The rumor mill has it going around that popular micro-blogging site Twitter has already bought an equally popular Twitter desktop client, TweetDeck. According to reports from CNN, sources who are close to the deal said that Twitter is paying $40 million in cash and stock in acquiring TweetDeck. And according to the report, both companies remain unavailable for comment for confirmation on the said deal.

Well, until both sides in on the deal confirm that this is true, then it may not yet be official. But then, it is not unlikely that Twitter would be interested on trying to acquire a popular third party app that Twitter users usually make use to send their tweets and other similar activities. And even then, the rumors have already been going around for quite some time now. The recent so-called acquisition just may have given it some legs.

It is only recently that Twitter seems to take some interest on third party apps that have depended on its social media service features. It may have realized that these online tools also may help further improve the Twitter user experience. It has previously acquired popular Twitter iPhone app Tweetie as well as partnered with Twitter photo app TwitPic. In the case of TweetDeck, Twitter might learn something that it might someday add into its features by means of some good old technology transfer. Twitter might be doing a sound management decision on this recent acquisition, if ever it is true. We’ll just have to wait for the official announcement before we speculate even deeper.


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