Google Health, Google PowerMeter Shutting Down

June 27th, 2011 at 12:10 pm

While online search giant Google has been a successful tech company, it also has its shares of failures. It is not all the time that every venture that Google goes into automatically becomes a success. Well, almost all tech companies go through it, some able to survive a failure and move on while some do not. Google seems to have survived a number of failures through the years and it may still be expecting others in the future. Two of the latest products about to get the ax is Google Health and Google PowerMeter.

Google has recently announced on their blog that Google Health, an online service where users can store their health information and data, and Google PowerMeter, an online energy monitoring tool, will be closing down. For Google Health, it is scheduled to be closed down by January of next year wherein users can no longer add edit or view their health data stored on the site. But users may still have the means to download their remaining files until January of 2013, after which all files related to Google Health will finally be deleted. As for Google PowerMeter, it will be retired on September 16 of this year.

There may be many reasons why such ideas like Google Health and Google PowerMeter, although perceived as useful and interesting online tools, did not succeed. On the part of Google Health, it may be the fact that most people would not wish to have all their health information, including medical history and other health details available on a public, third party information source such as the Web. Having such sensitive and private information stored in the Web, amid all talks about data security breaches and data sharing among companies, may not sit well with some people.

Another reason might just be a case of poor marketing. Both Google Health and Google PowerMeter are indeed great ideas that would’ve take off if only they were promoted as aggressively as what Google may be doing with its other more successful products. If this is the first time that you have heard about Google Health and Google PowerMeter, then you are not the only one. It seems that there are many people who were unaware that Google was offering such online services. The fact that Google Health first started in 2008 and people have not heard from it up until now, that might be a case of poor promotion or marketing strategy.

But despite their failure to move on as online tools, Google Health and Google PowerMeter may have started an idea that might also be considered as “too early for its time”. There are many ideas that failed that way. Maybe, they may catch on as more technologies develop as as more and more people become aware of them. But then again, they may not. Who knows just how ideas like these catch fire and become popular online?


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