Microsoft Bing Partners Up With Baidu For Online Search In China

July 8th, 2011 at 10:42 am

Microsoft Bing is partnering up with Chinese online search engine Baidu in order to gain entry into the vast Chinese online market. Baidu, China’s largest search engine in terms of revenue, is getting into agreement with Microsoft for displaying English language search results on its page being powered by Bing. This partnership may give Microsoft the opportunity to offer its Bing search engine to millions and millions of Chinese online users, albeit through Baidu.

The said deal did not hold any financial considerations for Microsoft. The deal was made purely out of trying to gain entry into the vast Chinese Internet market. It is a means to promote the Bing search engine in China where it currently holds less than one percent of the market. The deal may give Baidu the means to collect all advertising revenue that may be generated from Bing search results. Partnering up with Baidu can give Bing the advantage of covering its share of more than three fourths of the Chinese market. Google is said to hold the remaining online search market share at around 19.6 percent.

The recent deal that Bing made with Baidu highlights the stark contrast in the way that Microsoft is trying to penetrate into the Chinese online search market. Whereas online search giant Google tried to establish its stake in the Chinese market by operating as an independent search engine, Microsoft has looked out for local partners to help them gain entry. While Google tried to fight for its independence in running its search engine without censorship, Microsoft is using goodwill and strong partnerships to get a foothold in the Chinese market.

Microsoft may have wanted for a long time to get their Bing search engine into China’s Internet market. The Baidu partnership may have been the most convenient way that it can be actively promoted in the country with about 1.3 billion inhabitants. Now that is quite a large market that may help improve Bing’s market share in online search over time. How it may work out in terms of being a revenue generator for Microsoft still remains to be seen.


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