Virtual Grocery Store Set Up At Train Station In Korea

July 8th, 2011 at 3:52 pm

It seems that most of the innovations in technology today have their seeds being planted in Asia. Countries like Japan and South Korea are now being seen as the progenitors of technology that may just catch on with the rest of the world. One recent example can be seen in this unique and innovative virtual grocery that has just been set up at a train station in South Korea.

Tesco Homeplus, a popular grocery store chain in South Korea, has set up a virtual grocery store at a subway station in Seoul. The virtual grocery store allows the subway commuters to check out products while waiting for the train to arrive and purchase them using their smartphones. Quite an innovative approach to grocery shopping, which many South Koreans may find useful since it will eliminate an added stop to a grocery store to buy food and save them some valuable time. Through it, time spent waiting for the train to arrive might even be made more productive in a sense.

This virtual grocery set up follows a unique system that may be a balance between online shopping and a brick and mortar grocery store. Pictures of different products as seen from an actual grocery shelf are pasted on a subway station wall. Commuters waiting for the train can spend their time looking at the products.

When something catches their fancy, they just whip out their smartphones and scan the QR codes attached to the products. The scanned code can then be added into an online shopping cart and paid for and checked out on the grocery store chain’s website. The items purchased can then be delivered conveniently into the buyer’s home at the end of the day.

This Telco Homeplus virtual grocery store is quite an ingenious idea that might just catch on around the world as online purchases become even more common. And with mobile payment systems now becoming even more popular, it may not be impossible for such virtual grocery stores to eventually sprout out of other subway stations or other areas with lots of people traffic.

Who knows, stores selling other goods may even embrace the idea and create their own virtual stores. This will mean virtual stores that sell more than just groceries. These virtual stores might even look for areas other than subway stations. If this might be the case, we might pretty much even see virtual shopping malls sprout up with endless walls of product images for people to ogle at and probably purchase at the end of the day. But then again, you might already have noticed the pun being made here.

Source: DesignBoom


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