Oracle, Microsoft Targeting Android Phones For Licensing Fees

July 11th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

One of the big issues going around among the tech giants seems to revolve around patent litigation. It seems to be becoming one of the more interesting areas of battle between competing tech businesses, not to mention as a lucrative means to generate some much needed revenue stream for the patent holders. From settlements to licensing fees, companies with a hoard of patent licenses are going after other companies as well as competitors using their technology and asking for compensation, by way of the courts of course.

The patent litigation battles go on as tech companies go after one another through the courts of law to demand compensation for use of technologies here and there. One of the more interesting upcoming drama in this field will be Oracle and Microsoft targeting Android phone makers for licensing fees. By the looks of it, it might just become quite ugly, depending on what side you might be looking from.

From what can be taken out of reports, allegations that Google may have infringed on several patents in in Android OS may have become the target for Oracle and Microsoft.

Oracle has filed its patent infringement lawsuit against Google around August of last year over Java related technology. The Java patent portfolio got into the hands of Oracle after it acquired Sun Microsystems last year. It argued that the Android mobile OS has infringed on several Java patents and may be asking for just compensation. Awaiting the decision of the courts, Oracle has gone on to approach some of the companies that made Android handsets and seeking to get licensing fees in the event that it wins its lawsuit. According to some reports, Oracle may be seeking $15 to $20 per Android handset made.

In the same way, software giant Microsoft has been inking licensing deals with some Android handset makers, most recently with HTC. It is also trying to get other Android handset makers to inking up a licensing deal based on the fact that the Android OS may have infringed on several of its patents. According to reports, Microsoft may also be going after South Korean company Samsung and demanding a $15 licensing fee per Android device made.

Microsoft may also be pressuring Android handset makers for licensing fees as a part of their strategy in gaining entry into the mobile phone market with their new Windows Phone 7 handsets which are expected to be rolling out by this year. It may help them get other makers to consider manufacturing devices running on Windows Phone 7 software rather than those that run on Android. Whatever works to gain business and some added revenue in the process seem to be what drives most patent litigation issues today. It still such a complicated process that might just continue to add some drama in the tech industry for years to come.


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