Adobe Acquires EchoSign

July 18th, 2011 at 1:08 pm

Acquisition news still seem to go on with tech companies. They are trying to continue to develop their own products for future growth by either partnering up with other tech companies or by making them a part of their own. This time, it is Adobe acquiring e-signature automation service EchoSign.

According to a blog by EchoSign, PDF document pioneer Adobe has recently acquired the popular electronic signature service provider EchoSign. This new partnership will enable an online document exchange platform to take advantage of electronic signature technology in order to make a world becoming paperless more of a reality, at least on the business side of things.

Electronic signature technology aims to provide the solution for affixing people’s signatures on electronic documents so that business and corporate contracts can be stored in its electronic form and no longer needs to be printed into paper. With Adobe’s technology being paired up with that of EchoSign, it is now even more possible to get rid of having a relatively inefficient paper-based office work flow and make everything, including important documents readily available in its electronic form without having certain issues concerning legality and what-not as a document that needs a valid signature can provide.

Although the terms of the acquisition has not been made available, it certainly would be a good deal for Adobe as it begins to make its products even more important in the realm of business computing. This partnership may begin to work together in order to set up a standard for which business documents may be prepared in the future. But that would depend on how well both companies may be working together to develop a product that many companies deciding to develop a paperless office would readily accept.


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