Nintendo Sees Tough Year Ahead As Sales Slip

July 25th, 2011 at 3:01 am

It may be hard for a market leader in an industry to be fall and be overtaken. Aside from an embarrassing slide, recovering from it may be a tough act to follow. The same thing may be currently happening to Nintendo, a company that was only some time ago was on top of the video gaming console business.

Nintendo actually has been through several dips and rises through the years. Only in the recent years, it has stayed on top of the gaming console market with its innovative Nintendo Wii gaming console that it introduced in 2006. People just can’t get enough of the motion sensing technology that is featured in the Wii console and its controller. It became the top selling gaming console during that time, besting all of its competitors by a wide margin.

But since then, Nintendo is slowly going into a dip as it sees its gaming console sales dip further. The lack of something new to offer in terms of games as well as a different gaming experience may have made gamers look for other sources. The appeal of the Wii has slowly waned as there seems to be a substantial lack of gaming titles to further fuel its popularity among gamers.

Out of any hope that will make Nintendo recover from its slump, it is pinning its hopes on the new Wii U, Nintendo’s next gaming console expected to come out in 2012. But until then, the company may still continue with its slump throughout the year, only to be buoyed up time after time by its other products like the Nintendo 3DS as well as its popular Nintendo game titles. But that can only do so much to keep the company floating up a bit in the sea of competition.

Whether the upcoming Wii U be able to lift Nintendo out of its slump is something that may be a hit or a miss. Pinning the company’s future on just one product can either result into great success or great failure. It is something that can be quite risky to bet on, especially considering Nintendo’s current situation. All of that would be made clear next year with the launch of the new Wii U console. The interest may be present and is continuously building up. But just like any other product out there, a company won’t truly know whether its a hit or a miss until it finally gets into the hands of the buying public.


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