Android Top Mobile OS, Apple Top Smartphone Maker In US

July 29th, 2011 at 11:30 am

The mobile market may be considered as one of the most competitive markets today. Competition is tight between many smartphone and tablet makers today. And currently, it seems that Android and Apple rules the US market, according to Nielsen.

Nielsen recently came out with a report highlighting the US mobile phone market. It indicated that the Google Android is the top smartphone OS in the US. Smartphones running on Android took on 39 percent of the market slice. The Apple iOS came in second with a market share of 28 percent. It was followed by RIM which got 20 percent of the market.

But when it comes to the top smartphone maker in the US market, Apple came out on top with its 28 percent market share. The main reason for this is that Apple is the sole smartphone maker of the iOS devices. Android phones on the other hand are shared between a number of handset makers with HTC as Android’s top device maker in the US with a 14 percent share of the market. It is followed by Motorola which has 11 percent of the Android market. Samsung came in next with an 8 percent share of Android users.

But what may be interesting about this report is that it may be highlighting the increasing market share of devices running on the Android OS. Previous numbers also reported by Nielsen last March showed that the top three players in the smartphone market were then evenly matched. Android was still the leader with 29 percent while Apple iOS and RIM had a similar 27 percent market share.

The current numbers indicate that RIM’s market share has been recently battered as it went down considerably. It might indicate the rising misfortunes that RIM is currently experiencing, not being able to hold on to many of its previous users, with quite a percentage heading off to using Android or Apple iOS devices.


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