HP To Discontinue WebOS Business

August 19th, 2011 at 12:48 pm

And another one bites the dust. It seems that tablet makers are feeling the pinch of trying to challenge the dominance of the Apple iPad. It may not be as easy to capture the market that easily, even though it may be considered to be in its early stages. And if the market goals are not met as expected, it may likely be considered as a costly failure. Just consider the recent move by computing giant Hewlett-Packard.

In a surprising move, HP announced that it will be ceasing its WebOS operations, just a little over a year in existence. This means that its just recently launched TouchPad tablet will be discontinued just as it started. The same thing will be the fate for HP’s other WebOS devices.

What may be even surprising is that HP may be veering away from the consumer business. Aside from ceasing its WebOS business operations, it may also be planning to spin off its PC business. According to its CEO, the future for HP will be in the information management business where there might be better profit margin opportunities.

Although it might be a move to boost up the promise of HP’s future, it does stand to suffer for the changes being made in the company. The bleak sales of the TouchPad may have finally led the company to decide against continuing on in the consumer devices sector. But it may be quite a costly mistake just the same.

Aside from that, considering the reputation that HP has as a company, this may be seen as a trying crossroads of sorts. Business would surely suffer for the remainder of the year as it may struggle to find and search for its next business direction. It has since modified its outlook for the next two quarters of the fiscal year. Time will tell if HP might still have the legs to go over this recent valley they are facing.


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