Android Snags 40 Percent Of US Smartphone Users

September 2nd, 2011 at 9:56 am

With smartphone getting more and more popular nowadays, it is no wonder that it is one of the rising market segments in the mobile phone sector in the US. It seems that basic feature phones are slowly being overtaken by smartphones in terms of appeal. According to new information from Nielsen, there are now 40 percent of mobile users in the US who own smartphones.

New data furnished by Nielsen indicate that 40 percent of mobile users in the US are now using smartphones. The number is up from 21 percent of mobile users in the US, according to Nielsen data during the fourth quarter of 2009. It is even expected that smartphone users may overtake feature phone users by this year.

In addition, the Nielsen data has even more insight into the growing smartphone market and its consumers. Of the 40 percent of the smartphone users in the US, around 40 percent of those use Android, with 28 percent preferring the Apple iOS. The new Nielsen data also further classifies the mobile users into different types.

Nielsen also asked participants a number of questions to determine what kind of consumers they were as well as understand their attitude towards new technology. Of the participants, 10 percent were considered as innovators (very early adopters), 14 percent were early adopters, 31 percent were the early majority, 24 percent the late majority and 19 percent were the late adopters.

Further data showed that 40 percent of the innovators prefer Android smartphones as compared to 32 percent for iOS. But the early adopters tend to go for iOS smartphones with 38 percent as compared to 37 percent for Android. As for the late adopters, 32 percent preferred Android smartphones as compared to 23 percent of iOS smartphone users. Although the discrepancy may be bigger, it might also provide the swing vote for whoever might become the next top mobile OS in the future. Late adopters, when asked, were the ones who were not sure of what type of OS would they want to buy for their next smartphone.

By looking at the percentages, it seems that Android and iOS may still be locked in a tight battle for Os supremacy in the US. The fourth quarter of this may may likely change the landscape, depending on how the market will embrace the new products to come. The new Apple iPhone 5 is being awaited by many while a slew of Android smartphones are being introduced every other month. And with Microsoft slowly getting into the picture with their Windows Phone 7 smartphones, along with RIM with its Blackberry smartphones. How consumers may appeal to these new devices can change the current numbers easily, especially for Android and iOS.


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