Twitter Extends Reach Of Paid Tweets Program

September 14th, 2011 at 12:59 pm

Twitter has recently extended the reach of its paid tweets from advertisers by including them in the timeline of Twitter users that do not follow them. The tweets will appear on timelines of people that follow them and do not follow them. It may be the next phase in the commercialization of Twitter, so to speak.

Twitter has already started its paid tweets program last July. It started with tweets from companies appearing on the Twitter stream of people who are already following them. But this time, Twitter may be extending it further by streaming the paid tweets even in the timelines of people who do not follow the companies that advertise on the popular micro-blogging site.

According to Twitter, they will be introducing the new system slowly and will initially involve only a small percentage of users for the meantime. Additionally, Twitter will be sending the paid tweets to those users that they think will be most interested in them. Basing on the user response, Twitter will then be rolling out the new system to a larger audience in the coming months.

Well, putting in ads in the form of promoted tweets may be the simplest way for Twitter to develop a profitable income stream that it has so long been hoping to create. After all, it may need to earn money in order to survive and its promoted tweets may just do it for them. But whether this extension of the said service to include followers and non-followers of the advertisers may get some mixed reactions from the users themselves. People may become wary that these promoted tweets may get out of hand in the future and may give birth to spam tweets, as if they do not exist now.


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