Via Files Patent Suit Against Apple

September 23rd, 2011 at 11:22 am

Call it a fitting comeback or an act of retaliation. While Apple has recently been quite active trying to file patent infringement cases against its biggest competitors, it may also be on the way of getting a dose of its own medicine. Via Technologies is filing a patent infringement suit against Apple with regards to its iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV devices and their associated software.

The said patent infringement case involves microprocessor functionality found in the popular Apple products mentioned. According to a statement made by Via, the patent infringement covers its U.S. Patent No. 6253312 or the “method and apparatus for double operand load.” It also includes into the suit the infringement of U.S. Patents Nos. 6253311 and 6754810 or the “instruction set for bi-directional conversion and transfer of integer and floating point data.”

While these patents and such technical stuff only make sense to the companies themselves and the tech experts, one thing is clear- many tech companies today are trying to get into patent litigation as a means to fight off competitors as well as a means to create some profitable income streams from the large settlements that such lawsuits come with. But most of the time, it may be an act of assertiveness for some companies to show others who is the boss.

It may be quite unfair and an unjust way to do business, but it seems that that is how business is now being done among the tech giants. Patent litigation becomes a weapon for protecting company interests and the bottom line. It may be a product of the fierce competition that businesses are now experiencing, where everything must be done in order to survive. But it certainly does stifle innovation in a big way for many companies.


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