Bing Launches Airport Maps

September 30th, 2011 at 10:43 am

Bing, Microsoft’s online search engine service, has recently announced that it is launching airport maps. This feature will be integrated into Bing Search and will provide Bing users with information and maps of the major airports across the US. Bing will initially provide information to 42 major airports and plans to add maps of additional airports over time.

The most important aspect of this new Bing Search feature is that it will allow travelers to have a map of an airport that they may be going to on certain trips. As most frequent travelers would know, the large area of an airport can be quite challenging to go though especially if its the first time going there. With airport maps, travelers can now have a map of what can be found in the 42 major airports in the US. This will include information on the different terminals, check-in counters, baggage claim areas, rest rooms, restaurants, shops and other important airport information.

Airport maps will be enabled in Bing Search either by searching for a certain US airport (if it is part of the 42 US airports currently included) or when searching for flights on Bing. A link on the airport maps will be provided as part of the Bing Search results.

The launch of airport maps on Bing comes after the news of Google releasing its own Google Flight Search service on its search engine. While Google also has its won airport maps feature, the maps that it provide only is limited to the overall airport layout. It is not able to provide information on what may be found inside them. But Google is eventually planning of further providing more detailed maps in the near future. But while Google is still getting there, Bing is already trying to provide its own detailed airport maps version now.


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