Google Chrome Closing In On Firefox

October 4th, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Google is certainly the company that merely rests on its laurels after it has achieved so many things. It is still trying to establish a bigger presence in whatever industry sector it tries to get into. Although its lead on online search may be quite daunting at present, the same can’t yet be said for its other products, notably that of the Google Chrome browser. But it is certainly getting there, even if it is making small but significant steps.

While the Google Chrome browser may have already been around for quite some time now, it still has a long way to go in trying to unseat the browser of all browsers today, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. But certainly, Google Chrome has made somewhat of an impact in this sector, which is currently being dominated by IE and Mozilla Firefox being the distant second. But it might not be for long before Google Chrome may eventually become the second most popular Web browser, if what the current data suggests and continue on the same path.

According to data coming from Net Applications, Google Chrome may be set to overtake Mozilla Firefox as the number two browser in terms of usage. This may come as early as 2012, as what some experts suggest. Looking at the data, it seems that only Google Chrome showed a rise in the number pf user percentage for the month of September.

Internet Explorer still holds the top spot with about 54 percent market share. Firefox comes in second with around 22 percent while Google Chrome registered about 16 percent of online users. Upon closer look at the data, it can be seen that the top two Web browsers are experiencing a gradual drop in user percentage numbers. IE has been experiencing a steadily dropping user numbers for the previous 10 months while Firefox has been through an erratic up and down movement in terms of users, but also decreasing.

On the other hand, Google Chrome is the only browser among the three that displayed steadily rising user numbers for the past 11 months or so. This might suggest that while the current top two Web browsers are experiencing decreasing user numbers, Google Chrome is gradually taking on more and more users into its fold. And if the data remains on its steady path, Chrome might just be on its way to overtaking Firefox by next year.

With Google depending on online ad traffic for revenue, a user’s choice may also affect the profits that it may eventually get. That is because Google Chrome users driving traffic into its other Google products can help the company avoid sharing the revenue with the other two Web browsers in the form of Traffic Acquisition Costs or TAC. As more and more users come to Google Chrome, so will it affect Google’s revenue stream online. This will somehow help contribute into Google becoming an even bigger giant that it already is.


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