Microsoft Seeking For Yahoo Bid Anew

October 6th, 2011 at 2:23 pm

There are reports passing through the online grapevine that software giant Microsoft may be trying to bid anew in order to acquire struggling tech company Yahoo. This report comes at a time when Yahoo is going through a period of struggles that have seen the Internet company experiencing dropping share prices, losses as well the firing of its CEO.

The reports, although unconfirmed, have been said to give Yahoo stockholders some glimmer of hope through the recent struggles the company has been into. It was enough to send Yahoo shares up about 10 percent with a closing price of US$15.92.

Although it may give investors some signs of hope for better days, things might not be as easy as it seems. There is a possibility that the deal may not materialize, considering the fact that there are also Microsoft investors who may be opposing the move. But all is not lost for Yahoo in case this might not push through.

It seems that Microsoft may not be the only company interested in buying Yahoo. There’s also the Chinese Internet company Alibaba, whose CEO Jack Ma has been indicating interest in acquiring Yahoo. Other possible suitors include several private equity firms and venture capitalists. But while there is a considerable number of suitors for Yahoo, its board of directors are downplaying rumors of Yahoo being sold.

While a possible acquisition may be part of the option, the Yahoo board headed by its interim CEO Tim Cook says in an email that they are working through a number of options available. But until then, the company will still be continuing to work into making the company move ahead.


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