Google+ Introduces Ripples and Creative Kit

October 28th, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Google has unleashed a number of updates for its Google+ social network, including the availability to Google Apps domains. But what has been gaining interest among Gplusies is the browser-based photo-editing tool and a visualization tool that illustrates how popular posts get shared.

The Google+ Creative Kit enables users to edit their uploaded photos straight from the site. It offers a wide range of photo filters, photo sharpening, and text layering options. The kit can be accessed by clicking the edit menu of every photo and choose “Creative Kit.” There is even an ongoing contest of sorts on G Plus wherein users post their profile photos that are edited with Halloween-themed effects. Just look at Tyra Bank’s recent “#gplushalloween” profile photos. (Yes, G+ also supports the use of hashtags.)

Another update is the Google+ Ripples, an analytics tool designed for the curious folks who want to see how their posts get shared across the G Plus network. It displays the timeline of comments, +1’s, and shares, as well as get detailed information on certain events and top contributors. Ripples can be accessed by simply clicking on “View Ripples” on your public Google+ posts.

Source: ZDNet


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