Adobe To Stop Mobile Flash Development

November 9th, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Adobe has recently announced that it is pulling the plug on further developments of its Mobile Flash. It is instead concentrating on developing efforts on HTML5. As you well know, Adobe Flash has long been a standard used for watching videos on the Web. It is a required plug-in to watch Web content that relies on Adobe Flash. But times are now changing.

While Adobe Flash has made its mark on the Web and for PC users, its transition to mobile devices may now be put to a stop. Although Adobe has been planning on making a mobile version of Flash for several years now, it seems that there have been certain issues regarding its development that has hampered its use. And to consider that the wildly popular Apple iDevices has long avoided using Flash on its devices mainly because of performance, power use, and security issues, this may somehow also have affected its successful entrance into mobile devices.

Although Adobe’s Mobile Flash has seen some light by being introduced in several Android devices as well as on the Blackberry Playbook tablets, this may not have been quite promising as Adobe may have expected. One possible reason of Adobe’s decision to pull the plug on Mobile Flash may be connected to the company’s recent restructuring by laying off around 750 employees. But then again, it may not be.

Another possible reason may be the increasing use of HTML5 along with its inherent qualities of rendering video files without the use of plug-ins like Flash. With this HTML5 capability, Mobile Flash may be considered as a redundant piece of software that may eventually fade away just the same. It might be enough for Adobe to consider refocusing its efforts on other more worthwhile products rather than forcing itself to develop something that has a big chance fizzling out eventually anyway, with its performance issues and all.

Does this mean the end for Adobe Flash? Well, it still remains quite popular among the current PC users as it is still being used by many of the current websites that provide Web content. But its time may already be numbered as more and more sites are slowly embracing HTML5. Adobe may now need to develop other ways to make its mark in the world of mobile devices. One approach may be to develop useful apps for smartphones and tablets. This might just be the path that Adobe may be focusing on right now.


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