Intelligent Fingerprinting Develops Fingerprint Scanner And Drug Tester Prototype

November 11th, 2011 at 11:40 am

A company called Intelligent Fingerprinting has developed a rather unique device that not only can record and scan fingerprints. They have developed a prototype that also doubles as a drug testing tool that can be used to screen people if they have been using banned substances.

Intelligent Fingerprinting has developed a hand-held prototype device that not only works as a fingerprint scanner but as a portable drug testing device. According to the company, the prototype is designed to detect the presence of a wide range of drugs using dyed antibodies. These dyed antibodies stick to the metabolites, byproducts of the body’s metabolism of certain drugs, that is found in the sweat of a person’s fingerprints. The antibodies then change in color depending on the presence of certain type of drugs. The fingerprint scanner can provide users with the positive identification of the individual while the sweat analysis will help detect the presence of illegal drugs in the body.

This new prototype may pave the way for better drug monitoring and testing in many areas where it is needed. Law enforcement officers may now have the means to test certain people for drugs by using a hand held device somewhat similar to a Breathalyzer use for catching drunk drivers on the road. This new device is expected to be quite useful for a wide range of applications. The convenience that it offers by being a hand held device makes it quite a useful tool not only in law enforcement but also for forensic science, institutional drug testing and even at airports.

There are now many agencies that are interested at using the technology behind the prototype device. The developers of the said device are initially making the device as a means to test individuals and for detecting illegal drugs. But further developments will allow the device to also detect certain health markers found in fingerprints for medical purposes.

According to the company, the prototype hand held device is expected to go into full production sometime in. The developers are also working closely with its customers to further develop new applications for the device.


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