Google Gets Rid Of Google Gears, Other Services

November 23rd, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Google has done it again. The online search giant has done some off-season spring cleaning by getting rid of some of its underperforming online services. According to a blog post, Google has announced that it is on the way of shutting down some of its services like Google Gears, Google Wave, Knol and Google Friend Connect, just to name a few.

Google Gears is a browser extension that allows users to create offline web applications. Starting December 1, 2011, offline Gmail and Calendar based on Google Gears will no longer work on web browsers and will no longer be available for download. Google turns its focus instead on developing and incorporate offline capabilities on HTML5.

Google Wave’s retirement has already been previously announced by Google, with development to it ceased over a year ago. By the end of January of next year, Google Wave will be a read-only site. By April of next year, it will permanently be put offline. For the meantime, Google Wave users are still able to export their waves until it will be completely shut off.

Google launched Knol in 2007as a means to improve content found on the web. The service will be moved to Annotum which is an open source platform that is based on WordPress. As so far as Knol is concerned, the site will continue to work until the end of April of 2012. Users can still download their knolls or migrate them to WordPress. By May to October 1, knols will no longer be viewable but can still be downloaded or exported. After that time, all content on the site will no longer be accessible.

Google Friend Connect allows adding social features to websites by embedding some code snippets. But that would no longer seem viable with the features offered by the new Google+. That’s why Google has decided to retire the service for non-Blogger sites by March, 2012.

It seems that Google may have done a lot of experiments that didn’t pan out that well in the end. Instead of continuing on maintaining a failed effort, it has decided to just get rid of it and move on to focus on more those things that matter. But it was good that Google has tried offering such services just to keep things interesting for those people who go online. But unfortunately, some things just don’t catch on with the crowd, no matter how deserving and useful these services may be.


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