Google’s Android Market Reaches 10 Billion Downloads

December 7th, 2011 at 3:30 pm

The mobile app market certainly has been getting bigger and bigger. A market that was first somehow first introduced by Apple with its wildly popular iPhone has gone on to attract other players who are also in the mobile phone business. One of them just happens to be Google which has established its own Android Market for smartphones and other devices running on its open source Android OS.

After three years of being put up online by Google as a place where Android smartphone users may be able to download many kinds of mobile applications, the Android Marketplace has so far enjoyed incredible growth. During the last weekend, it has been announced that the Android Market has reached 10 billion downloads, incredible numbers considering that it has only been operating for roughly three years.

The Android Market was first launched in 2008. By July of 2010, the Android Market was able to hit its first billion worth of downloads. It later surpassed the 6 billionth download mark by July of 2011. By December, it is now up to 10 billion. That just gives you some perspective on the rapid exponential growth seen for the Android Market and how more and more people are now being attracted to those other devices that do not necessarily start with the “i” prefix on their names.

The reason for the growth may mainly lie on the rapid increase of Android smartphone users all over the world. And with more smartphone manufacturers getting into building more and more Android devices, this growth will continue to get better and better.  It has also been known that the Android Market is now averaging at a billion app downloads per month.

In order to celebrate this achievement, the Android Market will be offering several paid apps for users to download at only 10 cents each. A set of apps would be made available and promoted at the site each day for the next ten days.


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