Google Acquires Clever Sense

December 14th, 2011 at 2:48 pm

Google is still on a run in trying to gobble up companies that it thinks might help improve its stature in tech circles even better. As it recently has spread its reach into other tech fields other than just online search, its foray into the mobile industry has gained momentum considerably thanks to its popular Android open source mobile OS platform. But Google is trying to go further by acquiring companies like Clever Sense to further explore the boundless opportunities still available in mobile computing and beyond.

For those not in the know, Clever Sense is the company behind the mobile butler app, Alfred.  First coming out as a free app on the iPhone last July it has also recently been made available on the Android App Market just recently. What Alfred does is learn what a certain individual likes in terms of restaurants and the preferred dining experience. Based on this knowledge, the app then tries to recommend other similar dining establishments based on Web reviews as well as other methods.

But more than just a restaurant recommendation app, what may have attracted Google to this company is the technology that is behind the recommendation engine that Clever Sense has developed. It is said to make use of artificial intelligence that also relies on complex algorithms that helps Alfred provide relevant results. This type of technology is just within Google’s area and may want to have a look at what Clever Sense may have to offer in terms of technology.

On the part of Clever Sense, the acquisition will mean a larger reach and audience for its app as well as its technology. Its business now has the means to reach out globally, something that it may not have been able to do, or even just have the opportunity to do so. But that would depend on Google in some way. There is also a big chance that Google itself may want to use the technology for its own product and close down the original company, something that it has done in other previous acquisitions. It is not always certain just what the online search giant may do in cases like this. But one thing is clear, Clever Sense May have won out big courtesy of Google’s deep pockets and influence as well.


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