Amazon Reports Selling Over A Million Kindles Weekly

December 16th, 2011 at 4:43 pm

The iPad may just have another threat to worry about in the tablet market. Aside from the various Android tablets that pose to dislodge the iPad from its lofty place as the current tablet leader, there are also threats coming from a different source and it may be on its way to establish itself as one of the top tablets going well into the next year. This new iPad threat comes in the form of the new Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kindle is proving to be quite a popular device among the tablet-hungry crowd. In fact, it is becoming quite popular that Amazon has recently reported that it is selling about more than a million of the Kindle tablet per week. Among the Amazon Kindle devices, the Kindle Fire tablet seems to be the current bestseller of the group. The sales of the device seem to be increasing week after week ever since it was introduced into the market less than 3 months ago.

One advantage that the Amazon Kindle may have over the popular iPad is its price. Getting a Kindle Fire tablet at $199 will cost the consumer around $300 less than when buying the least expensive iPad. Furthermore, there’s also the Amazon Kindle e-reader as well as Kindle Touch which are even cheaper that consumers may prefer. In a matter of comparison, it may be more cost-effective for consumers to get two Amazon Kindle devices for lesser the price of getting an iPad. Now that is a deal that some consumers just can’t refuse.

This news of Amazon Kindle’s success in the tablet market has already led to rumors that Apple may be planning to come out with a mini-iPad. The rumors further point to the success of the Amazon Kindle devices in the market that has led to this. Whether it is true or not, it certainly does help make the tablet market more interesting. After all, it pays for consumers to always have varied choices when it comes to gadgets like tablets nowadays.


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