Google Chrome 15 Overtakes IE 8 As Most Popular Browser

December 19th, 2011 at 3:39 pm

But not so fast. It’s not actually what you may think. Yes, it’s true that Google Chrome 15 has overtaken the new Internet Explorer 8 as the world’s most popular Web browser. But it’s not by much and the claim is just quite recent. But still, it can be considered as quite an achievement for Google Chrome.

According to website analytics company StatCounter Google’s web browser Chrome 15 narrowly overtook Internet Explorer 8 in terms of worldwide usage for the first time on a weekly basis. The company reported that for the last full week in November, Google Chrome 15 was able to take a share of 23.6 percent of the market worldwide as compared to the 23.5 percent share of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8. But overall, IE still remains king.

The lead that Google Chrome 15 was able to take was for the users of the IE 8 browser. But when all the other versions of the IE browser are taken into consideration, it still holds over 40.09 percent of the worldwide browser market. That’s still quite a high mountain to climb, even for Chrome, which has an overall market share worldwide of 26.31 percent for all its browser versions. Google Chrome’s progress is evident as it has overtaken erstwhile second placer in the browser wars, Mozilla Firefox, which now has a 25.07 percent market share. This is followed by Apple’s Safari at 5.86 percent market share and then by Opera at 1.91 percent.

Despite Google Chrome’s slim lead last month in worldwide market share, it is very possible that IE 8 may still be able to regain the top slot. The challenge is still great for web browsers to grab the top spot from IE. But Google Chrome stands to have a best chance at the challenge, after Mozilla Firefox failed to do so. Maybe the way to a great success for Google Chrome may be paved with a string of small successes along the way.


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