Google Possibly Still Planning Own Android Tablet

December 21st, 2011 at 4:20 pm

While Google may have been quite successful with its foray in the smartphone market with its Android OS for smartphones, But it has not quite been successful in another rapidly growing device market, that of the tablet PC’s. While there have been quite a number of tablets introduced in the market that runs on Android, they all belong to partner manufacturers of Google. And unfortunately, not of them so far has made a dent into the current market share of the tablet king, the Apple iPad.

There have been several reasons pointing out to the failure of many Android tablets to even make an impression in the tablet market. Many have tried and failed so far. And Google may take it as a challenge to try and bring an Android tablet into the market that they themselves plan to make. Even Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has recently shared that the online search giant is planning to get into the tablet market by coming up with its own version of an Android tablet.

One of the issues regarding Android tablets that have so far entered the market but somehow fizzled may be that lack of a certain standard followed by the OEM manufacturers that may be give all Android tablets that certain identity that consumers will associate with the device. So far, Google’s OEM partners seem to be going in different directions when it comes to developing their own version of the Android tablet. This may have caused more harm than good, with all the Android tablets having compatibility issues with different brands.

This may be one reason that Google may be trying to enter into the tablet market with its own Android device. It may stand to try and develop that certain standard that may apply for all Android tablets in the future. Since the company knows the capabilities of Android more than any other, Google may just be the right company for the job.

To a certain extent, developing their very own Android tablet may also be a means for Google to further promote the Android OS to its OEM partners. If successful, Google can show manufacturers the many features and functions that the Android OS can offer for tablets. If it is not, Google may simply try to better itself and probably come up with another tablet.

But whatever its reasons, Google may stand to have a better chance of making a dent on the virtual leadership in terms of market share that the Apple iPad currently holds. It may take a giant to try and challenge another giant. In this case, Google may have envisioned that the many opportunities that may be opened by the future success of its own Android tablet will far outweigh the risks that it will be taking in the process.


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