Google Renews Contract With Mozilla Firefox

December 23rd, 2011 at 10:44 am

After quite some time of being in some sort of limbo, the Google –Mozilla partnership is still alive and well. Google has recently renewed its online search partnership deal with Mozilla Firefox. This was recently announced by Mozilla and said that the new deal is good for another three years in which Google will still be the default search engine for the Firefox browser.

Although the details of the three-year deal hasn’t been disclosed yet, there are unnamed sources that are saying that the deal is worth about $300 million per year for Mozilla. That’s quite a sizable gain from what Google offered Firefox for the same search partnership deals of previous years.  In 2010, it is said that Google provided around 84 percent of Mozilla’s $123 million revenue. This new deal will surely be something that Mozilla won’t shy away from. It is even larger than the deals that Mozilla has made with other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

With this deal, Mozilla Firefox will have Google as its default search engine when the browser is used. But it may also seem that there might be some competitive tension growing between the two partners. But both companies may have denied it now and then. It has already been several years that Google has come up with its own Google Chrome browser. And for some time now, it has been able to increase its usage base that it is now about at par with Firefox in terms of market share. Both browsers now have around 25 percent share of the world browser market in terms of usage numbers. But there is still a long way to go before they overtake Microsoft Explorer which still remains at the top.

Call it healthy competition between Chrome and Firefox. But just the same, they are still going at it with each other probably in order to stay in the race. The new search deal may have dispelled some of the tension between the two for the meantime, that is, until the next expiration date of the deal.

Even then, Mozilla has now tried to open itself to other options. Aside from a deal with Google, it also has made other search deals with the likes of Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and eBay. It also has been able to roll out a Firefox version 4 that comes with Bing as its default search engine. However complicated the relationship may be between Google and Mozilla, it may still all boil down making revenue at the end of the day.


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