Samsung Still Tops In US Mobile Phone Market

January 2nd, 2012 at 2:03 pm

There’s a good reason why Apple may be trying to block Samsung devices from being sold in various markets. And it may not just be because of copied design arguments. It may also be in part of trying to limit Samsung from possibly gaining more advantage in terms of market share, especially in the US. But it seems that, for now, Samsung still is dominating the US in terms of mobile phone sales.

According to comScore, a leading metrics provider for the mobile and digital industry, Samsung has been dominating the market in terms of mobile handset subscribers in the US. The released data covered a period of three months, from August to November of this year. The study included a survey of 30,000 mobile subscribers in the US. Data showed that Samsung is the top handset manufacturer in the US with a 25.6 percent market share. LG comes in second with 20.5 percent market share with Motorola, Apple and RIM rounding off the top 5 with 13.7 percent, 11.2 percent, and 6.5 percent market share, respectively.

What may be significant in the data provided by comScore is that only Samsung and Apple enjoyed as increase in market share for the three month period. Samsung gained a 0.3 percent increase from its 25.3 percent market share in August. Meanwhile, Apple enjoyed a 1.4 percent increase in market share. The other handset manufacturers included in the top 5 suffered decreasing market shares during the same period.

But what may also be significant in this data is that it covers mobile phone subscribers of both smartphones and feature phones. This type of data certainly favors of Samsung since it makes both smartphones as well as basic feature phones for the mobile market. Apple, which only competes in the smartphone market category, will surely not take the top spot. But its increasing market share still makes it a possibility to climb up in the rankings in the near future. And if only smartphones may be included, the market share rankings may surely be a whole different story.


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