Gadget Sales To Reach $1 Trillion In 2012

January 9th, 2012 at 3:26 pm

It seems that while people may be feeling a bit of a pinch with the economy worldwide is not yet that good, sales of consumer devices seems to be the least affected. People worldwide may still be interested and look out for those new gadgets and devices and probably may be prepared to buy them. It can be quite an interesting bit if data, so much so that even some analysts have estimated that sales of consumer technology devices may finally surpass $1 trillion this year.

According to analyst figures provided by GfK Digital World, a data research and analysis firm, in partnership with Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the global spending for consumer electronic devices for this year will reach the trillion dollar level for the first time. This is a 5 percent increase from the posted 2011 figure of $993 billion. The forecast figures were shared recently at the 2012 International CES held in Las Vegas.

The growth trend will mainly be seen in emerging markets like China, and other Asian countries, Latin America and Central as well as Eastern Europe. These are the areas showing a rapid growth of a new middle class which might slowly be trying to develop their interest in new gadgets and devices. Smartphones are particularly the key driver of the said growth. It has shown some booming growth in the previous year which is more likely to continue in 2012. Tablet PC sales, which has recently also seen incredible growth may also enjoy further increase in demand in the emerging markets in developing countries. However, the analysts further say that gadget sales in developed countries like USA, Japan and Western Europe will remain stagnant, not being able to drive up a better share in consumer spending and gadget sales.


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