Twitter, Google Trade Barbs Over Google+ Integration in Search

January 11th, 2012 at 11:30 am

Twitter has posted an official statement saying Google’s changes would make it more difficult for consumers to find breaking news often shared by Twitter users.

“As we’ve seen time and time again, news breaks first on Twitter. As a result, Twitter accounts and Tweets are often the most relevant (search) results,” the company said.

The statement continued: “We’re concerned that as a result of Google’s changes, finding this information will much harder for everyone. We think that’s bad for people, publishers, news organizations, and Twitter users.”

Meanwhile, Twitter’s general counsel Alex Macgillivray (who used to work for Google as its attorney), tweeted that Google’s changes represented a “bad day for the Internet.”

Twitter’s criticism comes at a time when Google is facing investigations from antitrust offices in several territories for favoring its own services within its search results.

Google, through a public post on Google+, stated that Twitter should have seen this coming.

“We are a bit surprised by Twitter’s comments about Search plus Your World, because they chose not to renew their agreement with us last summer and since then we have observed their rel=nofollow instructions.”

In 2009, Google offered a real-time feed of Twitter posts within its search results. This feature was lost in July 2010 as the agreement expired.

Google added it is just following instructions embedded within Twitter messages, informing search engines not to rank the messages within their search results.

Source: Reuters


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