US Video Game Sales Suffer 21 Percent Decline

January 16th, 2012 at 2:16 pm

Although there were considerably good video game titles released in the last quarter of 2011, sales were not as robust as expected. According to consumer market research firm NPD Group, US video game sales fell down 21 percent in the month of December from a year ago. Consumers bought a total of $3.99 billion worth of video games for December, particularly due to fewer game choices and the absence of new gaming consoles that may help drive on excitement in the market.

While most experts are not surprised with the way that the sales figures came out, it was considered a disappointment, to say the least. One primary driver of the lagging US sales is the lack of attractive video games during the month. The much awaited video game title during the said month was “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”. It also became the best selling game during the said month. But compared to the titles that were released on the same month last year, one can see a good picture why the sales were down.

Last year’s marquee video game titles included “Final Fantasy XIII”, “God of War 3” and “Battlefield: Bad Company 2”. Other than “Call of Duty”, other video game titles can’t seem to match the amount of interest among video gamers for this year. The video game lineup just wasn’t that exciting as last 2010. But aside from that, the aging consoles may also be a reason why video game sales are also lagging. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is approaching 7 years old. The Sony Playstation 3 is becoming 6 years old, same with the Nintendo Wii. Among the gaming console manufacturers, only Nintendo has something new to offer this year in the release of the Wii U with its new touch controller. This might contribute to how video game sales may continue to stay lukewarm until the month of March this year. But just the same, analysts are expecting that video game sales may rebound during the second quarter.


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