Report: Facebook Set to Introduce Open Graph Apps

January 18th, 2012 at 1:34 pm

Back in September, Facebook announced that it is collaborating with various companies to develop Open Graph Timeline apps. Over 30 companies including Airbnb, Path, Ticketmaster, Payvment, and Causes would produce apps that allow Facebook users to share when they “traveled,” “purchased” an item online, “donated” to charity, and other activities. Although we have yet to see the fruition of this partnership, sources claim that the apps–which will go by the name “Open Graph applications”–will be unveiled at a Facebook press event today.

Sources at AllThingsD claimed that the launch of Open Graph apps were put on hold so Facebook could monitor and fine tune the frequency these apps will appear in the Ticker. They added that the social networking giant do not want a repeat of the Ticker bug when we see every Spotify song played by all of your friends, not to mention the onslaught of spammy and misleading apps that clog your sidebar.

The difference between Open Graph apps and Facebook’s third-party game apps is that while the latter can be launched without Facebook’s approval, all Open Graph apps are subject to manual approval to optimize the Timeline experience. Facebook has been approving new Open Graphs verbs and nouns since December, which will appear in the news feed, Ticker, and Timeline.

For instance, a Facebook user who likes to announce its charitable actions can install an appropriate Open Graph app. Everytime the user makes an action, such as donating to a charity via the app, it will publish your name along with “donated to Kiva” on the Timeline, Ticker, and News Feed for all your friends to see.

Although the likes of The Washington Post, Spotify, and Hulu have already released Open Graph apps, Facebook is expected to introduce a slew of other companies joining in the Open Graph fun. Sources claim that these companies include Oodle, ArtFinder, Disqus, Yummly, and Netflix.

Source: AllThingsD, via TechCrunch