Apple iBooks Sold 350,000 In Three Days

January 24th, 2012 at 2:20 pm

The market for digital textbooks is relatively new. While there has been quite a good market for e-books today, the realm of digital textbooks continues to be a niche market. It’s quite interesting why this niche has not explored that extensively. Some businesses may have thought that this is quite a risky task. But one tech giant has again tried its luck on this relatively new realm of online textbooks and it seems that it might be holding some promise.

Tech giant Apple has recently announced that it is going into digital textbooks by introducing it on its iBookstore.  These new textbooks can be uploaded via the iPad tablet and offers a higher level of interactivity that conventional textbooks can with its touchscreen features. And it seems that many college students are quite interested in this new Apple venture. According to figures provided by Global Equities Research which keeps track and monitors Apple iBooks sales, Apple may have so far have over 350,000 digital textbooks downloaded after the first three days.

The reported figures were based on Global Equities Research’s own proprietary monitoring system which acts separately from Apple. The system and how it tracks digital textbook downloads may not have been discussed that fully yet, but the numbers that was provided certainly showed that the market is gaining some momentum. On the part of Apple, the company has yet to provide data of the actual download figures.

There seems to be two main features that are working well for Apple in its introduction of its digital textbooks for the iPad tablet. First, students may find the new level of interactivity quite appealing and convenient. The digital textbooks for the iPad offer touchscreen features to the usual textbook. It also adds some video as well as 3D images into the mix as a means to further explain or highlight a certain topic or subject. Other features like instant glossary search, highlighting and adding notes make the digital textbook more convenient to use.

The second main reason why digital textbooks might eventually take off and become more popular among students is that it is generally cheaper as compared to buying physical textbooks. Currently, Apple is selling high school digital textbooks at around $14.99 or less, cheaper than the average traditional textbook. The initial upfront cost may be higher since students may require an iPad to download the digital textbooks. But the convenience offered by the new digital textbooks makes it all worthwhile for students.

Give Apple some kudos for once again trying to create another market for its devices that’s showing quite a promise in the long term. It may have started a new venture that not only will push the digital textbook market into prominence but also put the Apple iPad tablet at the forefront as an educational tool and no longer just an entertainment device. It would surely help Apple keep a tight hold of the tablet market for quite sometime.


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