How to Spot “Unfriends” on Facebook

January 31st, 2012 at 12:16 am

Do you wonder whether someone “unfriends” you on Facebook? While you can do so by looking through your friend list, but you might overlook the tiny details. Now, a script can be downloaded to give you a lowdown on who no longer is your Facebook friend.

The Unfriend Finder notifies you when someone on Facebook writes you off their friend list. The script can be downloaded for free and works with a variety of browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Installation procedures vary from browser to browser. While the Unfriend Finder installs automatically on Google Chrome, you need the Greasemonkey add-on to have it on Firefox.

Once installed, you will notice your Facebook account will have two new features. There will be an “Unfriend” tab found on the top-right of the screen and an “Unfriend” option in your “Favorites” list. If you have been unfriended, a red notification appears on the Unfrieds tab. Click on it to see which friend no longer friends you back.

The script also keeps tracks on friends unfriending you, as shown on your main “Notifications” tab, as well as friend requests. It even informs you which friend has deactivated their Facebook account.

Source: Mashable


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