Study: Only One-Third of Tweets Worth Reading

February 2nd, 2012 at 11:29 pm

A recent study conducted by fellows of Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and Georgia Tech provide an insight on the sensibility of tweets and they conclude people who read posts on Twitter find only about one-third of tweets are worth the read.

As part of its study, the researchers created a website called “Who Gives a Tweet?” that works similarly to “Hot or Not,” but for tweets. Users were promised feedback on their tweets, but they have to anonymously rate tweets made by people they know. During the course of the research, over 1,400 visitors rated around 43,700 tweets from over 2,014 accounts.

Statistics show that respondents liked 36% of tweets, thumbed down 25%, while they remain ambiguous to 39%. “A significant amount of content is considered not worth reading, for a variety of reasons,” wrote Michael Bernstein, a doctoral student at MIT who worked on the project.

The respondents also find tweets made in a semi-private conversation the most revolting. Other unpopular tweets included anything relating to mood or activity. Meanwhile, among the most likeable tweets are about sharing of information, asking questions of followers, and self promotion.

The researchers even recommend in their study various ways to produce “better” tweets, such as avoid tweeting old links, adding an opinion to an ongoing story, staying away from tweeting the most mundane of activities, and never whine on Twitter.

Source: Mashable


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