TechCrunch Accuses RIAA of Hypocrisy Over Anti-Piracy Stance

February 10th, 2012 at 2:11 am

TechCrunch has uncovered something weird at Vevo lately. You see, VEVO (which is prominently found on YouTube) is jointly owned by some of the biggest recording industries in its quest to keep its music videos to themselves. You probably have heard how the Recording Industry Association of America has attacked customers and companies accused of file-sharing, even deleting viral videos on YouTube simply because they play music without the RIAA’s permission.

But lo and behold, Jason Kincaid spotted VEVO streaming a pirated ESPN football game during a VEVO-sponsored event at Sundance PowerStation last month. The Ravens versus Patriots NFL Playoff match was being streamed from, a website similar in dress to as users can watch TV shows and movies for free. It was not shown on just one television, but on two monitors, as well as a pair of laptops.

“VEVO is owned by the record companies. The record companies have tried to sue people into oblivion over piracy, and yet VEVO is showing a pirated video stream at its event. That’s hypocrisy, folks,” Kincaid reported. You can view TechCrunch’s fine piece of investigative journalism here.

VEVO has yet to respond as of this posting.

Source: Techcrunch


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