“Angry Birds” Comes to Facebook

February 15th, 2012 at 5:42 am

Angry Birds has become one of the most popular games in digital times, having been downloaded over 500 million times in various gaming platforms. But in case you have not noticed, Angry Birds is absent on Facebook until yesterday.

The Facebook version of this addictive physics-based puzzle game from Rovio is not a mere port of the mobile app, as it adds a few more features such as exclusive levels and all-new power-ups. These enhancements allow your birds to triggers additional actions like “birdquakes” or make them bulkier.

And being in a social networking platform, Angry Birds for Facebook integrates social gaming aspects into it, thus allowing you to keep track of your Facebook friend’s high scores and try to beat them. There are also daily rewards as you play more and, of course, post lots of gift notifications on your wall in hopes your friends would play the game as well.

Angry Birds in Facebook is still in beta mode, so expect a couple of technical issues. For example, it does not run well in Internet Explorer 8.

Source: Wired


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