Wikipedia Completes Site Transfer Away From GoDaddy

March 12th, 2012 at 2:17 pm

The debate of whether or not there is a need to control the Web still continues. There are those who think so and there are those who don’t. But what may be quite interesting is that people on the Web with varying opinions on the subject may be collaborating or working together in different kind of ways. One example worth noting would have been Wikipedia and Web domain registrar GoDaddy. But because of both taking a different view of a sensitive subject online, their working relationship has now ceased.

Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia, has recently announced on its blog that it has transferred successfully all of its domains from GoDaddy into MarkMonitor. The move was said to be a result of GoDaddy having the opinion of supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA.

According to the blog post, Wikimedia Foundation has long mulled over moving their domains to another domain registrar for some time. With GoDaddy showing its initial support with SOPA as it came out of the doors of Congress, the organization felt that the said act reaffirmed their decision to end this relationship.

Wikipedia is just one of those popular sites that have been against SOPA when it first came out into public consciousness. They believe that the said piece of legislation aims to put control over the Web and limit the openness that it currently enjoys. SOPA was seen as the means to let business and companies put a strict limit into Internet freedom and exact punishment to those who break the said rules.

It is by this fact that Wikimedia Foundation has aired its opposition to SOPA and has done so by taking part in some protest actions online. Wikipedia went on blackout protest of its site along with other high profile sites on January 18, 2012 in opposition to SOPA. Their move to transfer their domains out of GoDaddy seems to be a continuation of this protest action, cutting ties with a company that showed its support for SOPA.

According to Wikimedia, their transfer has gone successfully and with users of its sites not experiencing any interruption of service during the transfer process. Being a high profile website, known as the 5th most visited website in the world, the Wikipedia transfer may have quite an effect on GoDaddy in terms of public perception. But this is not the first time that this has happened to GoDaddy.

After announcing its support for SOPA, GoDaddy experienced an exodus of domains to other online registrars. This led to GoDaddy changing its stance on SOPA and eventually even withdrawing its support. But it was already too late as domains have already moved on to other registrars. The recent Wikipedia transfer is just the latest in this exodus.


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