Encyclopaedia Britannica Now Going All Digital

March 14th, 2012 at 2:41 pm

The Digital Age has ushered in a lot of changes in the world as we know it. Some of the technologies it brought in have led to some age-old but still popular standards in several aspects of life to go through a challenging period of change. Unfortunately some of these age-old standards have failed to recover or find renewed significance in order to remain, well, significant in today’s world. Print media may be one of those standards. Slowly by slowly, paper is being replaced by digital bits and bytes when it comes to providing data and information in today’s world.

While it might not totally be wiped out, print media may likely go through a period of change where it may not likely become the accepted standard anymore. As more and more people are using smartphones, tablets and other digital devices, there is a switch being seen from print over to digital in terms of relaying data and information. And the recent ones to make the move is the popular Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Encyclopaedia Britannica has recently announced that it is now going to be available in its full digital format. Its subsequent editions or versions will no longer be available in printed sets like what most people may have been familiar with. The new versions will now be all digital, finally closing the page to its print editions. Although there might be a tinge of nostalgic sadness over this announcement, it is a necessary change that this recognized bastion of knowledge has to go through.

From now on, Encyclopaedia Britannica will focus on electronic and digital publishing for its many products. Because of the move, its digital products may now be able to have a more extended reach than before. Updates and further revisions may now be more convenient to conduct in its digital versions, both for the company as well as for the end user. In its digital format, the Encyclopaedia Britannica will now be able to integrate multimedia features that would make them even more interactive and interesting.

But while all these will work for the good of the end user of Encyclopaedia Britannica, it will somehow be sad trying to say goodbye to its print editions. No longer would they be able to line up the library or bookshelves but instead be readily available online or from the PC hard drive. Those print editions would likely become collectibles and probably see their values increasing over time. And that, in itself, will not be a bad idea, especially for those who have such printed sets stored in their homes.


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